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Park Place started serving Western New York in 1992.  And now we service the globe, from London to L.A.  From sedans to jet charter.  Professional, safe, clean cars, on time, every time.  You can have confidence that "your ride is waiting."

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For the parents:
We want to reassure parents that we're concerned about the safety and welfare of your children. We have strict guidelines for our drivers to follow, such as reduced driving speeds with respect to the posted limits. No illegal activities will be tolerated, such as drugs, alcohol or cigarettes and no surprise friends will be allowed during the prom night without prior parental approval. Even if some of the riders are 21, no alcohol will be permitted.

For the students:
We know how important your prom night is to you. We know you want to have a good time with your friends. And we know you want your night to be as glamorous as a night at the Oscars.

We also know how concerned your parents are and you have to convince them that if you rent a limousine everything will be all right. When you tell them you’re renting from Park Place Global Transportation they won’t worry anymore. Everyone in Western New York has heard of our reputation of quality cars and safe chauffeurs.

  • You can tell them Park Place Global Transportation Services has never had a chargeable accident since we opened for business in 1992.
  • You can tell them we require our chauffeurs to obtain a CDL class B license, the highest grade license awarded for passenger transportation.
  • Or tell them about our limo tracking system so they will know you’re safe the entire time you’re enjoying the night. That one always makes them feel safe.
  • After you have told them how safe you’ll be, then you can tell them that Park Place Global Transportation Services has the largest limo buses in the business and we also have SUVs.
  • The cars that everyone wants, but only a few can get, are the Park Place Global Transportation Services Rolls Royces. There will be a lot of limos at your prom. Will anyone from your school show up in a Rolls Royce?

Prom prices are:

$50 - $150 per person. 

4 hrs drive time, 4 hrs in the prom.