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Park Place started serving Western New York in 1992.  And now we service the globe, from London to L.A.  From sedans to jet charter.  Professional, safe, clean cars, on time, every time.  You can have confidence that "your ride is waiting."

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This "Shopping Aid" is intended to educate consumers about the limousine industry.           

We discuss national standardsands, terminolgy, pricing, facts, and the questions to ask. We hope this will assist you in comparison-shopping for quality companys.

I have seen in the past when a person gets a quote for a wedding in May, the price is very high. Then months later they call a different company in January for a birthday party. The quote is half the price they received for the May wedding from the first organization, leading the customer to believe that the first company is over priced. But in reality both companies have the same price. It's just the quotes were given at different times of the year and for different hours. Limousines have price ranges which are determined by different variables.  I will explain these variables and try to help you understand how to receive the best transportation service at the best price.

Prices in the transportation industry have extreme fluctuations. Just like the airlines, we set our prices according to demand. If you book far in advance you will receive the preceived rate, and you will insure the vehicle you want is locked in. The longer you wait the potential for demand may increase and so will the price. In addition the availability of the vehicle you want may disappear. On the plus side, last minute bookings could save you up to 50%. But you will have to accept whatever is available which may not suit your needs.

Billing standards across America 

  • There is usually a 4 hour minimum
  • Includes times during an event, in between pick up and drop off, even when the vehicle is not being physically used, but the pick up and drop off are within 8 hours. It would be unreasonable and unfair to squeeze any other fare in the space of time.
  • Service charge: from 5%-30%  
  • Gratuity: 10%-25%
  • Fuel charge: 5%-15%


Limousine price ranges per hour


21-28 passenger
Limousine Bus         
10-20 passenger Limousine SUV   $100-$300
8-10 passenger
Limousine     $60-$125
4- 7  passenger
1-3   passenger
Buses and vans:    
30-40 passenger
20-29 passenger
10-19 passenger
4-14 passenger
Specialty vehicles:
1- 3 passenger
Rolls Royce

Per person rates

Proms                                               $60-$150  
Wine Tours    $60-$100  
Sports Event    $60-$100  

Price range is determined by

Month              Is it a premium month? April through October is premium.
Day Is it a premium day? Saturday is our busiest day.

Is your event during prime time?

Saturday Noon to 6pm is prime wedding time 

6pm to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays in the months of May and June are prom nights


How many hours will you be renting? Standard is 4 hours. Less will have increases.

Vehicle Size

The larger the car the larger the per hour rate.



One hour rentals

Because of the extensive preparation and travel time involved in a single service, the overall majority of limousine companies are not willing to offer service for one hour during prime time slots.

Service charge

Our service charge is a fee we use to pay all of the employees that are involved in providing you with quality transportation. From the reservationists to the car washer, the dispatcher to the mechanic. All of these people play a valuable role insuring your event goes just as you planned. 

Tips for discounts in rates

  • Friday and Sunday weddings may be discounted.
  • Saturday weddings before noon may be discounted.
  • Sunday through Thursday may be discounted.
  • More than 5 hours may be discounted.
  • Multiple cars may be discounted.
  • Repeat customers may be discounted.
  • November through March may be discounted.
  • Multiple jobs (wedding + staggette party) may be discounted.

Risks of discounted limousine companies

  • The limo may be late or not show up at all
  • The chauffeur may be unprofessional, unfriendly or even rude.
  • The service may only have minimum insurance. If there is an injury will you be covered?
  • The vehicle may break down. Without a back up plan you may be left at the altar.
  • The limousine showing up may not be the quality clean vehicle you ordered.
  • When the vehicle shows up is when most people realize they made a mistake in their selection. By then it’s too late. 

For your protection

Inspect the vehicle. Bring a camera. Let them know you expect to receive that vehicle. Ask for the VIN number, car name or number, or car code. 

Ask to see proof of any awards they have received. Are the awards local, regional, state, national, or international? Local awards can be won with 10 votes. National awards require tens of thousands of votes.

Ask for documented proof of years in business. 20 year old companies have stood the test of time via customer satisfaction, the ultimate proof.

Request documented proof of how much insurance coverage they carry. 1 million dollars is the legal minimum. This is not enough coverage for 2 passengers let alone a limousine full. This is a good indication that the company will take other unseen cost cutting measures and put your event at risk.

Ask to see their certified chauffeur training program. Formal chauffeur training is not only an indication that the chauffeur is committed to driving as a vocation, but also the company is committed to your safety, the community’s safety, and high standards of professionalism.

Ask what technologies their company uses. Investing in technology is almost as important as investing in chauffeurs. There are many tools available to limousine companies that improve customer safety, vehicle dependability and on-time performance. Some of the best are: GPS vehicle tracking, FAA flight tracking, computerized reservations, Drive Cams, and chauffeur communication systems.

Things to be wary of

Companies with all brand new cars: Their debt load may be so high they could go out of business before your event. Or all their cars are leased, and they have no investment to lose if their cars are repossessed for non-payment. Either can leave you stranded without service.

Low prices:  Some companies will book every call at a low price to insure a full calendar of bookings, but continue to book the car at higher prices, then cancel and return deposits to lower priced customers leaving them stranded without service. Or their reputations are substandard and low prices are the only way for them to attract customers. Generaly the more expensive the company, the more reliable they will be and the more dependable their cars will be.

Companies that offer all kinds of free extras: This may be the only way they can lure customers because they have nothing else to stand on. A big trap for limousine users is when companies only offer flashy vehicles, pizza, pop, and photos, instead of customer service recognition or safety awards.    

Companies that say that if there is a problem they will send another car: This is impossible to guarantee during prime time. All of their cars will be out at the same time.

Newer cars versus  older cars

Old cars have many mechanical problems and have to be maintained rigorously. New cars have technical problems that are hard to track down and repair. The point is you are renting a car and, as you know if you have ever owned one, any vehicle can have a failure at any time. Consider a car dealership. They have 4 cars in the show room window, but 30 cars in their repair facility.    

Years in Service

Companies that have been in business less than 15  years : Most companies will claim they have been in business for a long time. Ask them to prove it, but remember documents are easy to forge. Friends and family are great sources for referrals. Ask someone who has lived in your area for a long time. Limousine companies come and go like a revolving door, few last 10 years. Just look at last year's phone book and call a few to see how many went out of business since then. The average is 30% go out of business each year.

Limousine size

Limousine passenger capacity rating is determined at maximum. For instance a 10 passenger will squeeze 10 people at about 125 pounds each. 10 adults in their 30s will be uncomfortable.  You should take into account the duration the passengers will be in the car. A lot of short trips probably will be worth the squeeze for the cost savings, but if you’re going to be on a long trip forget it. Bottom line is, get a bigger car than you need if you want to be comfortable. 

In closing

We hope this will help you in selecting a service. If we do not have availability for your date we will help you in finding a reputable company you can trust. Our ethics compel us to insure every person seeking transportation receive safe quality providers. We do this to insure your satisfaction, so you will continue to patronize our industry. 

We are recommended by: celebrities, politicians, hotels, banquet halls, consumer protection organizations and many more.

Please visit our references page for all of the listings.